Alphabetical Art

Finally, finally, finally, another alphabetical art post. I do tend to throw myself into the deep end with challenges. I’m passionate about new inspiration, I think I can take on everything. I let the projects pile up, work on new ideas and have three pieces running at the same time. And, then to make it worse I get easily distracted.

However, the one thing that’s getting my attention these days is the weather. The cold, grey clouds are slowly turning white for longer hours. There’s a stronger, blazing sun shining through. I thought it would be months before I’d be squinting at the rays again. Though above all else I’d rather be under the sun than rain or snow. Heat brings relaxation, bluest skies, perfect backdrops and natures best filters. 

With the signs of spring peeking through, my wreaths are blossoming. I love flowers, seeing small blooms take refuge in negative white spaces makes drawing more lines and details all the more worthwhile. 

The question I now ask myself, as I draw my way through the alphabet is, what can I print these on? Card, notebooks, stationery delight.

Alphabetical art, blame it on art (1)Alphabetical art, blame it on art (3)

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