Letting my thoughts run

Sat on the train with time to spare, I pull out my phone to brainstorm for my blog. Letting my imagination take me wherever it wants. My fingers tap away at the tiny screen buttons. Typing thoughts that melodiously come to mind. I let the words flow, catching their own rhythm, a beat that even I don’t want to stop. 

Travelling fast overground, I get distracted by the changing scenery. Putting my phone to the side, I watch the countryside vista pass me by. I (though I tell myself) should be lost in memories, distant and close, good and bad. Yet surprisingly all I can think about is the scenery laid out in front of me, a stunning panorama of greenery. Mutely saying sheep, every time I see one.

The beauty of nature shouldn’t be destroyed by negative or sad thoughts. I’m pleased with how my mind is blocking them out. Although this hasn’t always been the case. My thoughts once used to be a trail of negativity. I WAS my own worst critic. Drowning in worries. Months of surrounding myself with positive affirmations, saved on Instagram, pinned on Pinterest, reading slogans scrawled over mugs and watching youtube videos on repeat, are all paying off.

I’m finally taking the advice of self-help gurus and putting their simple mantras to good use. Finally. Though positive thinking is more than a few words on Insta. It’s a way of life. Hurdles in forms of obstacles, lessons and experiences are thrown at you almost every single day. They’re accumulated with stress, disappointments and failures ready to whisper a few words into your ear. Smuggling in negativity to corrupt our thoughts.

It took great responsibility to turn my thoughts around and develop them more positively. I had to rebuild my mindset to grow differently. I was open to tips and guidance from books and the internet. Ready to learn more about discovering myself, who I am and who I’m meant to be. I made positive affirmations morning reminders of my worth. As you know negativity is always lurking around the corner.

Reflecting back on my journey. I’m going to take this small little accomplishment as a big win and continue to enjoy the view outside.

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