Small acts of kindness

Everywhere I turn I’m faced with talk about the virus. Going to work, I greet everyone with simple hellos and waves. Avoiding as much contact as necessary. Handshakes, hugs and cheek kisses have been put on hold until further notice.

It’s an ominous feeling, waiting to see what happens. Yet it brings me comfort to witness some communities come together. I watched a guy carrying a Pret (Coffee shop) bag, walk over to a homeless man sitting against a telephone booth. Without saying a word the kind samaritan took something wrapped out of his bag and handed it to the man. The only non-verbal interaction he made was a smile and a thumbs up. He then walked away and didn’t look back. Unsung heroes like this give me hope. In the midst of all the chaos and hoarders, there are some reminders of good. 

As the afternoon darkens down, empty squares of Italy are sounded off with music. Overhead residents one by one come out on to their balconies, singing in a large chorus, joined by laughter and solo dancing. Short clips of mass singalongs accompanied by high spirited unity are soaring through social media. 

With precise coordination, the people of Spain are simultaneously filling the empty streets with cheers, in gratitude to the healthcare workers. Claps echoing through deserted roads, spreading from one block to another. Their appreciation can be heard throughout the country.

Across the globe, through social media, groups are forming to help those most vulnerable. With food, medication and essentials being delivered by volunteers on behalf of the elderly. 

While we’re all in this together. Small acts of kindness play a massive impact. Solidarity, goodwill and even dancing reflect positively on everyone. This message of unity is being shared and translated into several languages.

To commemorate those working endlessly against time, I’m sure there’s something we can all do to show our appreciation and help where possible.

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