Art Therapy

Years of learning photoshop; watching youtube videos, collecting books, skimming through online tutorials etc, are paying off pretty well.

While social isolating and staying in the confinement of my room. I’ve been keeping myself busy, doing what I know best, digitally drawing. A lot of my time spent in front of the computer is a mixture of drawing, blog drafting, shop browsing, Facebooking, reading other blogs or publications and watching tutorials on YouTube. How I multitask all these things is a skill.

Using another orange colour palette. I’m working my way through the rainbow, in Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain order. I learnt this phrase back in Primary School and have never forgotten, I guess I was destined to become an artist.

If you head over to my Instagram. You’ll see a colour pattern going on. I’m closing the gap between red and orange. I don’t normally use this shade, but for Insta aesthetic reasons, I’m exploring all variations. Working with my least picked colour is turning out to be a pleasant surprise. When I choose a colour palette, I don’t always know what the outcome will be, until I’ve finished colouring in a small section of the mandala.

I’ve gone back to tezhip inspired curves. Continuing to add dots wherever I see a big enough gaps.

Without further ado here’s my pleasant surprise to you.

Art therapy, blame it on art (2)Art therapy, blame it on art (3)Art therapy, blame it on art (4)

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