I’m craving a little glow-up: Part two

I’ve made it to 28 days of being sugar-free. Well, refined sugar-free. When I started this glow up challenge, I was very optimistic. I said I would drink 2 litres of water, eat half a pomegranate and an avocado a day and face-mask twice a week. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up with the numbers. Although I’ve been good about taking my vitamins and stuck to being sugar-free. That’s a big plus.

Here’s a little back story. I started this glow up after months of feeling down about myself. To keep myself going I was eating Ben’s cookies at lunch, drinking hot chocolate almost every day on my way to work, oh and who can forget my love for brownies. Luckily I have a fast metabolism. But that doesn’t mean I can put whatever I want inside my body and get away with it. Of course the junk I’m consuming will come out and show in different ways and It sure was. Comfort eating fragmented my energy, ruined my nights, drained my mornings, hijacked my moods and was my dull skins main culprit. I was missing that natural glow that only a clean diet can give to you. Setting myself this challenge gave me something to Look forward to. A new better version of myself. A un-tired, positive me with an all-year-round summer’s glow.

And, so it began. The first week took its toll, as I knew it would, the experiences I had read about going sugar-free for a set number of days were completely honest and right (this isn’t my first time of being sugar-free). I searched high and low for sugar-free chocolate alternatives and found a few; Raw Halo and Deliciously Ella. You can thank me later. These finds were a goldmine. However, I turned as I always have done to the sweetness of fruit. After all, in the end, it will be these tasty goodies that will prove to be the real heroes.

Putting aside the desire of reaching for a bar of galaxy dairy milk chocolate in the first week was gloomily difficult. I would feel all types of guilt for not purchasing a bar every time I exited my local corner shop. My hands always felt empty, like I was missing a piece of accessory. I had to ignore the I can start again tomorrow whispers.

As I counted away the days, the gap between the last time I had a bar of chocolate encouragingly grew. I can do this, is all I kept telling myself. My voice of reason had spoken. Things slowly but surely started to improve. My tastebuds were changing. I soon began craving sweet potatoes topped with lemon juice and herbs every single day. Snacking on all colours of the rainbow had me feeling good, no more off moods, longer deep sleep nights, spot-free skin (minus the one odd spot, that I can live with) and healthier hair. Although to see a difference on the outside is a slower process, it’s still worth it. Seeing the minor changes kept me going week after week. 

I’ve planned to keep this up for two months and continue as I go. 

Glow get it 

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