A tiny bit hopeful: Day 1

Passing the front door this morning I saw a leaflet half hanging out through the letterbox. I went to pick it up assuming it may be a notice telling all the residents to stay indoors. Instead, it read “We need each other”. A group of people offering to help their neighbours. A really touching message that I will hold on to. It’s not an easy time for anyone, but seeing solidarity locally and internationally soothes my heart.

I’ve cancelled all plans I had previously made weeks ago. Work has temporarily closed its doors, my glasses are still waiting for collection, my facial has been scratched out and my driving lesson(s) scrapped. My friend and I have moved our coffee day out on to Snap. Now we’re hanging out in our best pj’s. Virtually *clinking* our mugs together. I had ginger and mint tea.

To see me through this unforeseen timeless curfew, I’m modifying my daily “stay at home” routine. Using this hazy time to be productive. My diary to-do list is pretty full. I’m juggling the day between, reading The Cutting Edge by Jeffrey Deaver, blogging, drawing, learning something and new pampering. Thank God for hobbies, technology and facemasks. 

One by one I will be hauling out all the ideas that have been sitting prettily in my drafts. The first to be utilised is calligraphy. Inspired by broad strokes and thin tips. I created this mandala with my make-belief markers and nibs. Imitating basic strokes, in the beginning, proved to be quite challenging. I tried to work with various techniques. All except one failed. Once I had eventually gotten the outline of the patterns sorted, the next hitch I had to face was picking the right colour palette. I find calligraphy to be quite an elegant practice with the elaborate fountain pens. Therefore  I opted for the most refined option I could think of, blue with hints of purple. I love colour and this was the safest palette I could implement.

Last but not least, I got a little creative and added diamond-shaped dots.

A tiny bit hopefuly, part 1, blameitonart (1)A tiny bit hopefuly, part 1, blameitonart (2)A tiny bit hopefuly, part 1, blameitonart (3)

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