A tiny bit hopeful: Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling fresh and took an extra-long lie-in, without the I’ve got things to do guilt. All I’ve got planned is to stay home and wash my hands 30 times, whilst I avoid touching my face. Such simple orders, yet so many find it difficult to follow. We’re all in this together.

My day has gone smoothly. I’ve kept up with my usual morning cleansing routine. Got dressed for the kitchen. Brought food back to my room. Did a little internet shopping. Continued with some blogging and drawing. I’m making the most of the unpredictable situation. Considering the circumstances, I am lucky to be in the position I’m in, at home, with things to do.

Acting like a boss girl in my pj’s, “I’ve got this” is my current daily mantra. I’m ok with feeling anxious one minute and relaxed the next. There isn’t any precept to say my emotions are flawed. With no right or wrong to this. I’m bound to feel a little grounded at times.

At present my happy places are my gym mat, the fridge and my computer. Turning my attention to writing and art. I’m working on ventures that I once neglected telling myself I don’t have the time. However, now I do. 

As I (argan) oil back my hair, leave the mask on for longer than 15 mins and have a jasmine scented candle flickering in the corner. I’m ready to share my day 2 mandala. Continuing on with calligraphy inspired strokes. I chose a more elegant colour palette. I turned to google for help with finding the right combination. And evidently, google delivered. The grey and gold, dark and light shades work tastefully together. 

Getting comfortable with the new technique, I opted for wider strokes and bigger diamonds, that lavishly adorn the negative spaces.

A tiny bit hopeful, day 2, blameitonart (2)A tiny bit hopeful, day 2, blameitonart (3)A tiny bit hopeful, day 2, blameitonart (4)

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