A tiny bit hopeful: Day 3

This morning I woke up later than usual, believing it was only 7 am. When I picked up my phone to check the actual time, 10 am was staring brightly back at me. My sleep pattern as I thought it would is heading in its own direction. 

Getting up and ready. I made my way to the kitchen. To walk past my only pineapple waiting to be stripped, chopped and eaten. My mum gave me an invitation to join her for dinner later this evening. Tonight’s special is tender and juicy boneless chicken pieces, served with olive oil, tomatoes and onions and prepared by freshly washed hands. She’s set the chair to be meters apart. I’ve accepted the offer. I will accompany the chicken pieces with my very own homemade salad.

Wandering back to my room I checked my emails to see updates on my parcel deliveries. Entertainments running its own version of enjoyment. I cannot tell you how excited I am waiting for my goodies to arrive. Thank you Next and H & M. 

I soon settled in front of my computer and got Photoshop up and running. I pulled up a blank page and habitually placed a template, ready to start a brand-new drawing. Today’s mandala took a little u-turn. I tried a different method with tezhip patterns. Rather than laying circular divides throughout the mandala. I let the arches flow through, starting off big and gradually decreasing in size. Traditionally I work in the opposite direction. However, I like the transition from big to small. The arches look like they’re layered over each other.

Halfway through working on the outline, I kept zooming out to see the piece as a whole. The more I finished the pen work, the more nervous I got. I was completely in the dark, not knowing how the mandala will turn out. I just had to trust the process and so I kept going until I was left with a very unique piece. One that I cannot stop obsessing over. 

A tiny bit hopeful, day 3, blameitonart (4)A tiny bit hopeful, day 3, blameitonart (1)A tiny bit hopeful, day 3, blameitonart (2)

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