A tiny bit hopeful: day 4

Writing these posts bring me a great form of distraction. I’m lucky to be nesting in the safety and comfort of my house. Though I can’t tell you how much I miss having the choice of going out or staying in. The sun shining through my window isn’t helping the matter much. 

There was once a time when I’d use three alarms to wake me up for work. I’d contemplate lying in bed for 5 mins longer. I’d make breakfast and have no time to prepare lunch. I’d spend a minute or two picking my work outfit, sometimes I’d choose something only to change again at the last minute. I’d wrap my scarf around my neck, to keep me extra warm. I’d pull my coat on tight, trying to escape the chill. I’d jump on the bus missing the comfort of my crib. Now here I am sitting beside my bed with a cup of mint and ginger tea in my hands, wanting all the things I once moaned about.

As expected my sleep is a mess. I didn’t think it would shuffle this quickly. It’s only been a few days since I last stepped foot into work. But seeing as there are no rules to life at the moment, I’ll let my bedtime work out its own schedule.

I didn’t get around to doing any drawing today, I spent less time on my computer. Namely, because two of my parcels from next and h and m arrived. I was more keen on inspecting my cupboards and seeing what will soon go to charity. I’m going through a little style change. Which will be in full effect once this is all over. I’m excited for the day when every news station announces the end of the virus. I will then do an outfit of the day post. After I’ve convinced someone to take my pictures, of course.

Now, while many were out stockpiling on toilet paper, I was busy hoarding what I thought would be imperative for me, books. My intention is to try and read through as many fictional novels as possible. Which is how the majority of my day looked, as will the coming weeks. I am a fan of crimes and thrillers, therefore, I’ve got a full list of detective entertainment lined up. 

Signing out with a short motivational quote.

“You can’t stop thinking but you can change your thoughts”

Jay Shetty.

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