A tiny bit hopeful: day 5

Is it me or are the days going by extremely fast? Or am I just becoming exceptionally lazy? As I continue to linger around my house, staying well away from the front door, unless I get a delivery. I can’t help but look at the luxury cribs some celebrities are sharing alongside their stay at home messages. I’ve made a mental list of all the places I’d like to retreat to with or without Jacuzzi. My ideal hideout would be a mansion in the mountains with all the facilities gym, cinema, swimming pool, etc. Isolation with a beautiful view. One can dream.

Changing from one comfy outfit to another is my new version of getting ready. It sets the mood for my daily routine. Peaks and trough I guess. I’m currently wearing a mismatch; rocking an oversized jumper with joggers. Discreetly loving it. My almost one week in quarantine has gone by snugly.

Another thing I’m loving are the memes circulating around social media. It’s nice to see some light humour. One minute I’m scrolling through Facebook or Instagram quietly and bursting out laughing the next. Only the walls can hear my chuckle. It does make me wonder, I’m probably sharing the very same reaction at that precise moment, with 100 other people.  it almost feels like we’ve been invited to one big house party called “Stay at Home”.

I’m having timely meals, sticking to a quotidian plan. Getting creative with every last bit of food remaining in the house. With every last bite of fruit, I look forward to the day I step out to buy more. In the meantime, I’m cherishing what I’ve got.

Feeling a little perkier today, I got my template on Photoshop ready for a brand new day of drawings. Working diligently with tezhip patterns, I tried something a little more challenging. Not using circular borders. I stuck to solid single-lined arches, flowing through untouched. Each arch is met with either a five-petaled flower or a growing tezhip motif. The flowers look like miniature studs

I’ve not completed the full piece as I would like to add in a little more detail and draw as close to the edges as I can. So I will spend longer time working on this. Now about the colour, although my safe colours are gold (which you can see a lot of), green, blue and a little purple. However, in the last minute, by flute actually, I chose to go for a semi-muted red colour palette and I’m glad I did. I zoomed in and out of the page multiple times, happy with the outcome so far.

A tiny bit hopeful, day 5, blameitonart (2)A tiny bit hopeful, day 5, blameitonart (3)A tiny bit hopeful, day 5, blameitonart (4)

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