A tiny bit hopeful: day 6

Up until recently, I used to think January was the longest month of the year.  But that title has now been passed on to March 2020. Instead of feeling like a year, March feels like a whole new decade. All I think to myself is when will this end? What will tomorrow entail?

February breezed by almost smoothly. I never thought saying goodbye to Feb would also mean waving bye to a lot of things. Comeback let’s start over is what I’m internally screaming. 

Finding new ways of keeping myself occupied is a whole new system. I’m rummaging through all my draws picking out beauty products I’ve hardly touched. It’s an ideal time to remove their packaging and put them to good use. Back in January, I was advised by a facialist to massage my skin with oil every day. I excitedly said yes and looked forward to putting her advice to practise, However, I never got around to following it consistently. Now here I am, I’m massaging oil onto my skin twice a day. Raising my skincare routine. My favourite beauty product list is expanding. I’m thinking about doing a beauty faves or stay at home survival post. I will leave this thought for a later day

While I am exploring through all the furniture in my room, today was a little different. I got to venture out to Tesco for a little grocery shopping. Outfitted with a mask and gloves, off I went with my shopping trolley. Like everyone else, I was a little cautious and wary, mindful of keeping meters distance. Being a healthy eater, I was happy to find the fruit and veg aisles fully stocked. Although there were a few items that were out of stock. Loading my trolley with pairs of each product. I happily strolled back home, towing along a heavy trolley, getting some fresh air and a little exercise. It’s these smaller things that I will never take for granted again.

With a bowl of fresh fruit sitting amply in front of me, I’m back to working on my tezhip inspired mandala. I’ve been using the word tezhip quite a lot. Only recently added it to my Word dictionary. Tezhip is a Turkish word for ornating with gold. The patterns tend to be organic and florals.

Zooming in closer to the drawing I’m neatly adding extra lines. Always inclining towards fine detail. Currently, I’m working on the thick lines placing miniature leaves along the sides. This little addition makes a noticeable difference.

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