A tiny bit hopeful: day 7

One week of self-isolation and freestyling life, I’m awarding myself a moment of self-congratulation. As this unprecedented time of quarantine stretches out unpredictably, I’m beginning to appreciate the smaller things in life. Deploying myself to a mood of calm and patience. 

This morning I spent a little time under the sun, well standing by my window. As the rays beamed in, I let some vitamin D touch my not-so-sun-kissed-skin. Though I can’t always see light at the end of the tunnel, I still have full faith that things can only get better. How’s that short line by D:Ream as a little dose of hope in the form of music.

I reminisced about yesterday when I joined the rest of the country at my front window at 8 pm to cheer on the NHS. Hearing the claps of gratitude around me melted my heart. It’s a reminder I think we all needed to hear, we’re all in this together. This extraordinary moment of togetherness deserves to be aired over and over.

Stepping away from the window, I opened up the novel “The Cutting Edge” and resumed reading. Written by Jeffrey Deaver the fictional storyline is based in New York. A time and place without a deadly virus. Distracting myself for a while. My imagination aimlessly wandered through the pages. I’ve always been a fan of crimes and thrillers and even more so now. 

Setting my book down I began curating outfits with my newly (Tuesday’s) delivered goodies. Dreaming of the day I’ll be able to saunter out of the house in my new signature ensembled get-up. On a whim, I’ve already envisioned the photoshoot and now look forward to making it a reality. 

As I hauled out my old clothes and set them alongside the newbies, the bulk of it all was enough to tell me to get creative with what I own and save up for bigger things. The term “save” hit me like a tidal wave, it’s times like this I wish I had done more of it. Regretting all my vague spendings. Tomorrow or more importantly when we get through this will be a dewy start.

Continuing on with my minimalistic tezhip art, it fascinates me how minor detail can make such a huge difference. Foliage and fauna placed cautiously between thick borders, have been emulated from nature. Instead of recreating the natural shape of a flower, tezhip aims to design a new form. From beginning to end, there is so much importance placed on lines, forms and colour. It all has to compose well together.

This piece is full of surprises. Unlike my previous mandala’s I don’t know what to expect with every line drawn. When I add a new mark I have to do a test run to see how it fits with the overall design. Sometimes a new addition works, sometimes it doesn’t.

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