A tiny bit hopeful: Day 8

Waking up today, I methodically picked up my phone to glance at the time, only to grunt at yet another late rising. Though it wasn’t that bad as my living alarm clock aka my cat sat beside the bed scratching away at my book. Not wanting her to tear apart my novel I did what she wanted. Not pleased but thanks.

Since lying in was off the cards, I picked up a few essentials from my Neals Yard bag and wandered down to the kitchen. Grabbing a pot, I filled it close to the top with water and let it seethe for a while on the stove. Adding a few pinches of dried chamomile, rosehip herbs and a couple of drops of ylang-ylang essential oil. I waited by the cooker, taking in the sweet aroma of ylang-ylang as it evaporated with the smoke. 

Seeing as I can’t go out for a luxurious facial, I brought the facial home to me.  Setting the boiling pan on the table, with a towel draped above my head, I lowered my face over the steam. I sat comfortably in a fixed-position for a few mins with my eyes closed, relaxing, letting the essential oil and dried herbs take over my senses and get working on my skin.

Ylang-ylang is known for its sweet scent and positive benefits on the mood. The essential oil promotes calmness and spars against anxiety. As for the skin, where should I begin, it’s soothing, conditioning and maintains hydration. 

Rosehip, now what can I say about this hero herb, I’ve liked it from the moment I first used it. Containing a good concentration of vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and K its benefits are prodigious. Rosehip increases collagen production in the skin. With consistent use, especially when massaging it on scars, the results can be startling. I could be here forever listing out all the marvels of this herb.

Lastly, chamomile is a favourite of mine as it boasts anti-inflammatory properties. Soothing the skin from redness, while its antioxidants help boost an outer and inner glow, depending on how you use it, whether that’s on the skin or consuming it as a tea. Either way, I’m all for the steaming and drinking. I do believe the good you put in your body glows out.

Feeling the water cool down, I lifted my mist damped face. Drying up, I wasn’t done yet. I lathered on a multivitamin face mask by Dermalogica and sat back with the book my cat threatened to shred.

Today was an unwinding kind of day. I enjoyed every moment of the self-care TLC.

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