A tiny bit hopeful: day 10

Last Night I sat by my computer for an hour refreshing Tesco’s book a delivery slot page. Waiting for midnight was like waiting for the new years count down. As the clock ticked 12 I darted my anchor to the refresh icon and waited for the page I’d been staring at, to come back to life. After a long minute and I felt every second, it did with new slots appearing. Grabbing the first one, I got my trolley rolling and instantaneously started loading it with essentials, only for the site to crash. 10 mins of waiting in line and I was done. Jumped into bed disappointed, it almost felt like I had my candy snatched out of my hands. I never thought grocery shopping could be so enervating, nor did I think I’d be grocery shopping in 2020 at midnight.

Waking up from a night of broken sleep, I stayed in bed for a little while longer. I’ve stopped noting the time. Looking around my room scanning all the beauty products sitting on top of my draws, ready to be disturbed. I read on an Instagram story by an influencer I follow, that South Koreans use a sheet mask twice a day. I think I shall up my once a week sheet mask to twice a week.

I opened the window to let some not-so-polluted fresh air sweep the room. Standing there I listened to the faint note of nothingness, no hum of vehicles, no murmur of people, no zooms of bikes, nothing. Up until presently I never grasped how absent everyday sound was, apart from the chirps of birds, which now pleasantly seems to have loudened. I had grown up getting used to the of sound traffic. This is London after all. Though it’s eerily quiet, I used to find peace in the midst of background noise. 

Wandering off to begin my daily routine. I picked up a Neutrogena sheet mask as I headed for the bathroom. Pampering can go on for a while longer since there is no limit to it. Multi-tasking with my sheet mask working its hydrating magic. I began to prepare a very simple breakfast, an impressive mix of cherry tomatoes and egg. It’s all about the technique, though I keep telling myself.

Breakfast is being stretched out as two meals of the day. Taking over lunch as I apportion what I’ve got. Breakfast number 2 was a bowl of oats with a spoon of cacao. I’m trying to be innovative, well, sort of. 

I spent a short time in the afternoon with a book open in my hands. Reading did wonders for my imagination. I’d almost forgot I was under lockdown and wandered through the streets of New York in the direction the narrator took me. I almost became the detective in the novel, almost investigating a very serious crime. I’m thrilled to have stocked up on books. However, I am willfully taking my time getting through them.

The day feels like it’s moving eminently fast, although it’s given me time to blog, draw and read. To add a new addition to my productive list, I spent some time searching for free courses online. I found a couple on the open-learn website, that included creative writing and poetry. The course lengths do vary, but of course, studying can be done at your own pace.

Continuing to be productive, I finally completed my first full tezhip mandala. I am pleased with how it turned out and look forward to working on some new pieces. I find tezhip art to be very symmetrical, very detailed and very intricate. It draws inspiration from the contours of nature. The alignment of each pattern and motif for me was very important, I wanted to reflect on the everlasting lines, curves and swirls.

A tiny bit hopeful, day 10, blameitonart (1)A tiny bit hopeful, day 10, blameitonart (3)A tiny bit hopeful, day 10, blameitonart (4)

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