A tiny bit hopeful: day 11

Walking my corridor for the 100th time, it now feels like I’m floating through. Pacing backwards and forwards from room to room. Draggin the hem of my joggers. Sometimes I’ll pass empty-handed, other times I’ll be toting food back to my room, or hauling toiletries from the bathroom counter to my bedroom dresser. I wonder if the floorboards recognise my soft footsteps.

Getting myself organised, I made a spreadsheet to help keep a reliable record of my spendings. This pretty big eye-opener, lesson, soon to be a historical event, whatever one wants to call it, has gotten me looking at everything differently. As I wait for good news to one day grace all of our screens and consoles. I will take each day as it comes but plan as I go along. I’m living on an unmapped border.

Breakfast and lunch weren’t so extravagant. A plain bowl of oats for breakfast. Lunch was just as effortless; if not more, I pulled out three iced kebabs from the freezer, that had been premade by my mum, for those lazy meal days. The ones where you want to eat something fancy-ish but can’t be bothered to cook or prep.

Grabbing a bag of carrots and a handful of Apple’s, I laid my freshly cut ingredients on the kitchen counter, in front of my impressive juicer. I made two full glasses of my non-experimental glow juice. Last week when I braved going out to do some grocery shopping, I picked up two packs of carrots from Tesco for 49p (each) and two bowls of apples from the stall opposite. 

From the time I started eating healthy, which was almost a decade ago, the first vegetable I added to my clean diet was carrots. I began making carrot juice almost every week, having read about all its wonderful benefits. Getting a little adventurous, apples were soon a part of the single formula. The blend was perfectly sweet. 

So why do I call this my glow juice? It’s full of vitamin A and C, two skin-loving nutritions; one that is full of retinal and the other collagen. The horror story comes at the end when I have to clean the juicer and put it back together again.

Returning to my room with my glow juice in hand, it was time for me to be productive. I started up my computer and spent a little time browsing Facebook and reading other blogs. Every now and then I would check in on news articles regarding the latest on coronavirus. Telling me all about the increases and decreases in numbers. With my heart full. I got Photoshop up and running. Opening a brand new page. I’ve started working on a different project. Something that is the complete opposite to all the organic flowers, curls and swirls of tezhip art. However, what I’m working on right now does involve a lot of linework, too many to count. I will reveal in the coming days.

I have noticed how every other heading picture is of food, I think my conscious mind is sharing with everyone just how much I’m quietly craving sugar-free chocolate.

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