A tiny bit hopeful: day 13

Last night, just like every other day, my friend and I were sharing memes, relatable to our lives. Busy lining my Insta saved folder with all the banter. My friend soon forwarded me an Instagram story by a beauty influencer, Vanityfemme. Where she’s starting a 30-day challenge of using all her untouched beauty products. Unknowingly I had already started the latest challenge, a few days ago, with my very own stash of unused products. Without cold air, pollution and all other calamities. A full-on skincare routine would be perfect for this time of (what I’m now calling) hibernation.

As last nights messaging went on, I sent her a link to my latest blog post, as I do almost every single day. Making sure she’s Keeping up with Blame it on Art. I threw in my thoughts on wondering whether anyone was reading my blog posts. She advised me on adding more pictures. Something I know my daily posts are lacking, rows and rows of photos taken by my pink-tinted lens

Taking my friend’s midnight words into consideration. This morning I picked up my bulky camera and set about taking photos of anything that inspired me. As much as I love detail and the bokeh effect. I started off with my favourite chiffon blouse. I directed the lens at the buttoned sleeve. Creativity has to start somewhere right? With my hand stretched out in front of the camera and in full focus. The windowed background appeared almost invisible under the light and blur. I poetically arranged the fabric with every click. 

Placing the memory chip into my computer, I eagerly waited for the folder to open up. Scrolling down the file, passing pleasant memories of America. A moment of time I’m now paying homage to, while I sit in my placid room away from the hills. Coiling to a halt, at the end of the page sat five almost identical pictures; my white blouse’s sleeve. The pictures are simple but imaginative. It’s these photoshoots that make you wonder about what’s outside the frame.

With my legs still tucked neatly under the desk. I searched up new competitions and projects I could do to keep me productive. One that I came across was by the UN, to create a graphic piece on COVID-19. To help stop the spread of the virus and share a message of togetherness. As humanity means a great deal to me, I put on hold my line drawing, to work on this priceless project. I’ll grab the chance to do my bit.

Dinner today was my usual signature salad, that consisted of vegetables of all colours of the rainbow. A bowl of fresh, raw veg, was just is my stomach needs, my organs ask for and my skin craves. I carry my dinner to my room to resume my research for the new project. I take my time eating, too distracted to concentrate.

With the last meal out of the way, I completed the final half of the day’s skincare regime. Starting with an oil I know all too well, rosehip oil by The Organic Pharmacy. With my face feeling soft, supple and pampered, I retired for the evening with a book full of poetry.

A tiny bit hopefuly, day 13, blameitonart (2)

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