A tiny bit hopeful: day 14

Naturally, I woke up at 8 am today. I think my body clock has had enough with the late rises. I high-fived myself for being prompt. 

It’s now officially my second week of lockdown. I think, no, I’m pretty sure this calls for a celebration. Party in my Tesco basket, that’s if I get a slot and can wrestle against the irked patience of waiting in a virtual queue.

Friday’s come around too quickly. I’m not sure where the time has gone, but I can show something for it *points at blog*. Rather glad I have been keeping myself busy with drawing, blogging and some spring cleaning. Antibacterial scrubbing every surface in the house. Wiping handles, doorknobs everywhere I go. Exercising and reading also get their prioritised hours.

I don’t want to lose the flow of being occupied. I’ve settled into a routine. I’m thankful my days are patterned with small segments of jobs to keep me busy. Speaking of busy, I’ve spent a majority of the morning and early afternoon brainstorming more ideas for the UN open call. What looked good in my head certainly did not on paper. I went a little over the top with written ideas, most of which were so grand I even questioned myself, how will I possibly make them. 

After many scribbled pages and scrounging through Pinterest for ideas, I finally came up with a couple that may just work. Fingers crossed.

As the days go on, I’ve stopped doing many things that I once couldn’t go without, before the lockdown. For instance my weekly hair regime. My naturally curly, short hair had to be blow-dried, straightened and volumised. Now, however, the curls have taken back their territory. And, I’m kinda liking it. I was told a few weeks ago, which now feels like months, straightening curly hair will make them lose their coils. I know overall heat for the hair is not good. So I’m grateful this involuntary break will give my hair the timeout it needs.

I’ve also lost the will to be creative with food. I eat what there is, but keep it green, of course. While I was rummaging through the fridge for my salad ingredients. I pulled out an unfamiliar, for a closer inspection, to see what was inside the box. With the writing on the other side and a transparent top, I didn’t need to read the description to know what it was. Staring right back at my sugar-free-face was a plain and I’m presuming vanilla cheesecake. With six weeks worth of will-power, I put the box back, vowing never to look at it again. I can’t lie the thought of having one spoon did cross my mind. But that’s how it starts, one spoon leads to half the cake. “I’ll have one spoon” is the biggest lie temptation will tell you. I closed the fridge and walked away with my salad mix. The distance between the cheesecake and I growing wider.

After lunch, I continue to get on with some drawing, this time I’ve opened my Photoshop line-drawing file. What I assumed would be a very short and quick piece has turned out to be the complete opposite. I keep telling myself, the more time I give to it the sooner it will finish. Whether that means a day, a week or a month, I’m not quite sure. 

I eat dinner early to spend the rest of the evening relaxing with my book. While I listen to the sounds of nothingness. The book that’s got my evenings engaged is Seamus Heaney New Selected Poems. Up until recently, I wasn’t too interested in poetry, but now I love the way some writers implement their words.

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