A tiny bit hopeful: day 15

There’s something calming about the sun being out today. As it brightens everything in sight, casting shadows in places I can now only dream of standing under. I watch the rays from behind my net curtains. It’s now become a custom to stand by my open window. Listening out for the birds and feeling the warmth of the new season’s sun.

Spring hasn’t been cancelled. It shows up every morning, getting warmer by the day. I’m missing the walks by the canal, under the blossomed trees, treading over petaled confetti. Though I can’t and shouldn’t moan, I’m sitting here in my room, within the seclusion of my four walls and under the safety of my roof.

Arising fresh and early for the third time this week. Set me into a positive mood this morning. After completing my morning routine of using all my beauty products, having an oaty/ chocolatey breakfast and listening to the birds sing. I sat in front of my computer ready to get working on the UN open call.

From the moment I opened a new page on Photoshop, my focus was on completing the first of my designs. Without any distractive browsing, I did what I set out to do. Two hours of continuous drawing ushered me towards three heroic, digital paintings. 

The message behind this design is pretty clear cut “stay at home”. It also pays homage to all the medical staff that are tirelessly working on the frontline. They’re the remedy to today’s society. They’re the heroes without a cape.

Keeping the design simple. I used the idea of working with a capsule and turning it into the back of a sofa, with two legs peering from the bottom. A fictional, yet highly recognised superhero sat directly in the middle of the sofa. Each capsule is coloured differently to match the themes of their chosen character.

Upon completion, I uploaded the drawings onto all my social media accounts. Minus Instagram as I didn’t want to disrupt the grid. However, I will be working on a design that will go with the Insta-puzzle and will allow me to add my new pieces. This is what I get for being a perfectionist, extra work.

With one design out of the way, it was time to give myself a well-deserved break. Lunch was my favourite sweet potato fries. Something my rationed self was looking forward to. And, as expected, lunch turned out delicious. I topped the fries with minced garlic and herbs. Scrumptious, if I should say so myself.

Continuing with my long break, I decided some time away from the computer and my phone will do my eyes some good. So I heated up a moist heat mask that I brought from Boots and placed it on my eyes. Lying back with my eyes closed, whilst feeling relaxed, all I could think about was today’s blog post. Is this really my peaceful zone?

Seeing as proper rest was off my agenda, I grabbed a couple of apples and a table slate from my kitchen for a little photoshoot, for my other Instagram account Brownies and Boots. I really am making do with what I’ve got and my imagination. High-five for being a creative thinker.

Dinner is simply a chickpea salad, another one of my favourite dishes. Either my choice of food dishes are turning out to sound pretty mundane or my taste-buds have really changed for the better. I say better because I was and probably still am the biggest chocoholic. I don’t want to find out just yet.

I’m back to relaxing on my chair/bed. Catching up with some blog posts and my poetry book, before I retire from another day of quarantine.

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