A tiny bit hopeful: day 16

My mornings are heading in the opposite direction. I am now waking up at the peak of dawn. Pulling back my curtains, I took my space by the window. Opening it slightly to let in some fresh air. I listened to the early morning birds and watched a couple of cats walk on garden sheds. The sounds of birds soon turned into the laughter of children and my neighbour’s 3-year-old daughter singing “I’m a Barbie girl”. Which was fantastic for an early morning distraction.

Reminiscing about the 90s, the effortlessly, tastefully good times. I too put on a school old school track of my own, “I want it that way”, by yep you’ve guessed it, the one and only Backstreet Boys. With the beats playing in the background, I go about my usual morning routine. Rotating between the beauty products I own. I’ve collected many oils over the past year, from Selfridges and Sephora. Two of my favourite home and away shops.

With my face glowing under all the massaging and skincare regime. I’m ready for the kitchen. The second half of my morning routine. For a long time, I’ve avoided skipping breakfast, believing it to be the most important meal of the day. And the only time you should have a piece of chocolate cake, especially if you want that slice burned before bedtime. Though I’m not having a chocolate cake, I do, however, opt for the healthier version of cacao and add a spoon to my oats.

After breakfast, I got straight into doing some work. Waking up early gives me the motivation I need to put my head down and get drawing. With a few hours of silence and a hundred lined leaves. I drew the “Stay at Home” message inside a floral wreath, to go with my Instagram grid. I placed the letters further apart to emphasize social distancing. Tagging the UN and WHO to the post, I’m now waiting back to see if the person in charge of their social media accounts notices my tags, *fingers crossed*.

With most of the afternoon spent productively drawing, I relax for pretty much the rest of the day. Lunch was sweet potato fries, I couldn’t resist not making a healthy treat. Filled with all the nutrition and minerals my body needs, sweet potatoes are good for the immune system and great for my skin.

I take my herbs topped lunch to my room and eat slowly as I read over a few blogs, publications and search for some poetry blogs. Creative writing and poetry are becoming my most liked subjects, after my personal favourite art. There’s nothing quite like the imagination that goes into writing a fictional book or poem. The words that unfold before your eyes, pull in all your senses, wrap themselves around you and lift your thoughts, are definitely a wonder in all sense of the word.

By the evening I take a short nap and wake up feeling even more tired than fresh. The early rise is now catching up on me. I shouldn’t, but I skip dinner to turn myself in for an early night.

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