A tiny bit hopeful: day 18

Today’s rising was a little distinctive. I woke up to the sound of my name being called out. It was my mum standing at my door telling me I needed to get the grocery.  A little dazed, I checked the time on my phone, surprised to see I had slept through the sunrise. My body clock was finally tired of the extremely early rises. My eyebags were too.

For the first time ever I skipped breakfast to beat the supermarket queues. Getting myself ready to go out and wearing jeans after a fortnight felt great. I was both excited and apprehensive to walk through the front door and leave my detoxed safety net. I do find it rather astonishing how some people can ignore the lockdown just to sit in parks and get a little sun. When even the slightest physical contact can be catastrophic.

I wait by the bus stop with two other people. All of whom are standing meters apart from each other. As the bus approached the stop, I noticed how polite everyone or the people I encountered had become. Chivalry is not dead. I guess the combination of fear and solidarity, makes some of us see the good in being helpful to one another.

Arriving at my stop, everything felt eerie, I spotted newly painted lines at a food stall. Reminding people to stay two meters apart. Iceland had a stretched queue waiting outside their shuttered doors. Tesco, however, was open early and queue-less, luckily. With their controlled number of browsers inside the store, it was easier for people to keep their distance. I admired how polite people were; waiting for you to get past,  giving you extra space or smiling a thankyou in acknowledgement.

I moved my trolley away from an elderly gentleman who was searching through the same shelf as me, he noted the gesture and thanked me for moving back. The message was the same for me, we’re not just looking out for our own safety, we’re looking out for others. Moving through the familiar aisles, picking the usual products, waiting in a widened line gave me an uncanny feeling, as though we were all starring in a thriller movie. The horror for me came when my trolley fell apart as I loaded it with my 2 to 3 weeks worth of shopping. Collapsing under the weight of my Tesco haul. Fortunately for me, I knew the cashier; who saw my dilemma unfold, who luckily was about to take a break, who thankfully offered to drop me off home as I lived 5 minutes away by car. I was so grateful for her offer. She saved me from two trips and the drama of towing the stock home by foot. Some people are seriously a God sent.

Arriving home thankfully in one piece, I put away the colossal shopping that will keep me home for the next three weeks. I’m trying to save up for bigger things once this is all over. Therefore, watching every single penny with my spreadsheet is necessary. After storing away the food and filling the fridge with all greens. I made myself a well-deserved ginger and mint tea, and wandered off to my room.

Tired from this morning’s adventure and an almost shopping turmoil, I put my drawing on hold for a day. Instead, I’m seizing this opportunity to have a laid back time on the computer. I do this by searching for more online courses and Instagram ideas. Ostensibly this is how I relax *imitates facepalm emoji*. There’s no progress to report here on my never-ending line drawing. Once I do finish it, however, you will see why it took me almost forever. 

Yesterday I found a 30-day exercise challenge on Instagram. To start off with 50 squats and finish with 250 With the lack of exercise, from going to the gym 3 to 4 days a week to none. I’m accepting this challenge as off today. I completed my 50 squats in 5 sets of 10 reps. I also added some standing ab workouts to the exercise. I know I will be feeling a little sore for days. But that’s ok, it’s worth it.

Dinner was my signature spinach salad with a fresh glass of carrot and apple juice. I call it my signature salad as I’ve been having the same thing for the past decade or so. Of course with a few tweaks here and there. Over the years I have added new toppings such as seeds and herbs. Some Days I will make the salad with tuna, other days with chicken. Sometimes my salad will be fruity with a handful of pomegranate seeds and avocado cubes. No two days are the same.  Anyone who knows me will instantly know what I had for dinner. I’m an easy book to read. 

With a filling healthy dinner, I’m ending the day reading a few blogs that I follow.

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