A tiny bit hopeful: day 20

It’s now fair to say my body clock has found its own balance. I’m just going with the flow. While under lockdown, spring seems to be gracing my window with its finest weather. I’m always up early, standing by the open window, breathing in some clean fresh air. Speaking of open windows, straight after breakfast my mum had decided to wash the upstairs curtains. She had been talking about it for days. But I avoided the topic, knowing very well how long the process is. But, alas today was the day the front drapes came down. In between curtain washes, I tried to get some Instagram work done.

The second image to honour my new project is off macarons, an image I found on Unsplash. Editing the picture, I proceeded to paint on Photoshop the pastel-coloured house from the movie Up. My aim for this second Instagram account is to give it a creative mix; photography, photoshop, editing, art and lifestyle. 

Once all the curtains were up, I made myself some sweet potato fries for lunch, before spending the rest of the afternoon painting a tiny house. I enjoyed every moment of using tiny brushstrokes, blending and picking colours. I’m not very confident with digital painting. But practising on something small will overcome that.

Spending time at home does have its perks and chores. Rigorous scrubbing with no expenses, apart from food and other key essentials. Stuck indoors mainly in my bedroom has made me realise all the junk that I’ve accumulated over the years are of no use to me, they never were. I look around the packed shelves quizzing everything; why did I buy this? What do I need that for? When do I plan to use that? Did I nee that bag when I have five others? Was I ever planning on wearing that? Questions which I have no answers for. However, I now have a plan and spreadsheet in place to stop me from going back to those impulsive spending ways. The plan, my friend has agreed to interrogate me if I attempt to waste money on things we both know I won’t be needing.

Dinner was chicken fillet and roast potatoes, followed by plenty of water. I’m trying to get my 2 litres worth of H2O

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