A tiny bit hopeful: day 21/ Glow up dairy 3

I’ve officially hit three weeks of quarantine. This may just be the longest time I’ve spent at home without stepping a single foot past my front gate. Aside from grocery shopping and who knows when I’ll go again. 

Today I felt like posting something a little different from my daily journal. This afternoon was round two of cleaning the downstairs curtains, so not much to report there. Anyhow, apart from three weeks of lockdown, this is also my seventh-week of being sugar-free and somewhat third-week dairy-free. Being at home has made it much easier to stay away from the refined crystals, no more bars of chocolate or hot-choco on the go. While I am craving something sweet I am in no mood to go out and buy it. I’m not leaving the safety of my house just for my sweet tooth. In fact, I think I will remain sugar-free even after the lockdown has been lifted. Not only is it beneficial for me, but I’m also saving a lot of pennies.

So why sugar-free for this glow up and what are the benefits? I do believe if you want to look the better version of yourself and feel healthier, then first and foremost the best to go about it, is to start from within. I first read about the sugar-free diet years ago, as I followed this one blogger’s 28-day journey. She posted updates every week on the meals she was eating, her moods, how she was coping or feeling and the benefits she was noticing. As the weeks went on she shared before and after pictures of her slight changing appearance. The first thing I noticed was how smoothly her skin had improved. The largest organ of the body was promoting the advantages of being sugar-free. Once I had seen the after pictures, I decided I wanted to give the experiment a try myself. See what I could reap. Since then I have been sugar-free on and off for a few years now. The time duration varies, the longest I’ve gone without refined sugar is 3 months, the shortest a day. Aside from chocolate, I’m not big on sugar.

The first 5 days are always the hardest for me, I would weaken at the sight of chocolate. Trying to ignore the cravings, the off moods and tiredness were sometimes unsuccessful. I would easily give in to a brownie. However, I learnt over time with self-discipline, it does begin to get easier. My blues go away, no longer sombre, I’ll be happier or more chirpy and very energetic. Once I pass the seven days mark the temptation is still there, although by then I’m more committed to the purpose. Plus the guilt of looking at a chocolate cake and thinking about a small bite would never leave me alone. To be extra, I made a spreadsheet to tick off my progress. In hope, I wouldn’t fall back into bad habits.

Apart from having a small waistline, toned thanks to the gym, the benefits I get are both physically and mentally. Doing my research on the havoc sugar causes to the body internally, was pretty shocking. Sugar strips away the nutritions the body needs, leading to some nutrient deficiencies and even can lead to some long-term illnesses.

Saying no to sugar helps curb my cravings and control my hunger. I only eat three-set meals, in large quantities. My days of over-snacking have long gone, as I’ve learned a great deal about self-control and dedication. In all honesty, the extra nibbles only made me feel sluggish. Which is a no go for me, especially on the days I would be hitting the gym. I’ve always pushed myself when it comes to training. 

Appearance-wise I have not had a single breakout in weeks. My skin is a lot clearer and even-toned than it usually is. Apart from being sugar-free, I am sticking to taking vitamins, exercising and eating healthy. One day when I do feel confident enough I will post a picture. But as I go I will continue to share my benefits verbally.

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