A tiny bit hopeful: day 23

Last night was CAT-astrophic. I was awoken at 3 am by my playful cat. Who slept all day and wanted to have a rave in the middle of the night. I felt my deep sleep sinking away at the sound of her scratching everything in sight. I tried to send her out of my room, but as stubborn as she is, she would not budge. I wasn’t able to shut my eyes again every time I attempted to turn my back on her, she was back to playing. Picking up my phone I scrolled through Instagram until an hour had passed and she was fast asleep. By this point, however, I was no longer dozing off. Annoyed I continued to browse through social media until 7 am when tiredness finally had me snoozing.

I arose at 11 am, no surprises there. Throwing off my duvet, I went about my morning skincare routine. I try not to miss a single step. My skin is naturally sensitive and dry so every single product plays an important role in making my skin glow. 

Ready for the kitchen. I pattered down the stairs to prepare myself some light breakfast. Doing things a little differently today, I made oats without cacao and actually preferred them plain. The cacao was over-drying the oats, no matter how much water I put in it.

Once the first meal was devoured, I set aside my bowl and began reading some unseen messages. One friend sent me a message of a tik tok video, where a girl is sharing her leg workout. Inspired, I decided to get my workout out of the way and continued on throughout the day. There’s no time limit to anything these days.

After the short workout, I got on with some Instagram drawing. I drew a single line portrait of a woman wearing a hat. I’m working with the same features as my previous drawings so I can get comfortable and workout different techniques and styles. 

I then spent some time going over my previous posts and re-hashtagging them, to see if I can build some engagement. After an hour I was done. I do believe it’s working better than what I was doing before. I already noticed the insight and likes increasing on old posts. If you want to know what I’m doing differently, read yesterday’s post.

Pleased with the progress, I gave my eyes a break and relaxed for a bit. With a little TLC, I messaged some coconut oil into my hair and left it for over an hour. I was soon going to learn this was a big mistake. Once I started washing shampooing, I felt my hair falling out more than it should be. As soon as my hair was dry, I noticed a lot of small broken, brittle strands. Surely this couldn’t have been caused by the oil. I googled to see if I could find some articles on the damages coconut oil may cause to hair. I was rather surprised to find what I was experiencing was written in each article. Coconut oil is not for all hair types and certainly not mine. This was a trial and error run that will not be tested again.

Lunch was sweet potatoes with a fresh glass of my glow carrot juice. Dinner was a chicken wrap made by the best chef in the house aka my mum. As the late hour closes in, I’m going to call it an early night and hope my cat sleeps through the night.

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