A tiny bit hopeful: day 24

Last night turned out to be another long night. I was woken up again by the sound of my cat scratching the bed. She didn’t meow to get my attention instead she used her claws on everything I own. I found my current new book engraved by her signature. Though I had not asked for it. I figured she may be hungry. I tiptoed my way to the kitchen with her trailing behind me. Putting some food into her bowl I quickly pattered back to my room, before sleep left my eyes and my mind started wandering. I didn’t dare look in the direction of the window. I wasn’t ready to see the glow of a new day.

Waking up at 9 am, with that Monday feeling, I didn’t feel like a lie-in. Moving my duvet to one side, I got out of bed to open the window. letting in some freshness to circulate the room, entwining its cold air in every corner. I took my time pampering my face and neck. Today’s skincare routine had been updated with a fine touch of mascara and eyeliner. A little outline and definition was needed. Looking at my unused makeup bag every single day had finally caught up with me.

By 9.30 am I made myself some oaty breakfast, loving how it was tasting without the cacao and also loving that fact that my mum got a delivery slot for Asda, and dropped some semolina into her basket. My breakfast tasted good now that I knew semolina was on its way. Though it will arrive in a week’s time. There goes my dairy-free. But I can alternate with other stuff. Having a balance is good.

I skipped exercising today as my body felt sore from the day before. One can’t complain about the pain some workouts cause. It’s all a part of the process. I know I won’t be saying this tomorrow when I’m back at it, but at least it’s working, I keep telling myself every time I walk with my sore legs.

Straight after breakfast, I was zooming into Photoshop working on a new post idea for brownies and boots. Which at first turned out to be a waste. The idea was great, the completion not so fantastic. When I looked at the final piece I wasn’t too keen on it. I went back to the drawing board, brainstorming until I came up with a more complicated idea. Though I was gutted at the hours lost, I was still pleased with the second go.

This piece (my heading picture) is inspired by Disney’s very own sleeping beauty. I wanted to use an element from the cartoon/ movie that was slightly different but instantly recognisable. Hence the needle. There’s a reason why the colouring pencils don’t match the miniature painting. Those colours represent the fairy Godmothers.

I worked on this late into the evening. Took a break to make my signature salad dinner. Eating whilst drawing. I wasn’t worried about my food going cold. So each bite had an elongated gap. It’s amazing what dedication can do when you’re racing against time. Feeling like Cinderella, I had to complete this before the clock struck 12.

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