A tiny bit hopeful: day 25

3 am and my cats awake, making as much noise as she wanted to get my dozing attention. I almost got up until I heard the floorboards in the hallway make a sound it always does when someone walks over it. I know the exact location as does my cat. I watched her look up in the direction of the door and wander out of the room following the sound to the bathroom. Glad for the timing. I turned over and fell back asleep.

Waking up naturally at 8 am. I see daylight being obscured by my lilac curtains. I get out of bed, draw the curtains to let the morning light enter. Outside my sanctuary the sun is so bright, I almost forget what day of the week it is.  It’s Tuesday, I’ve stopped keeping tabs apart from when I mark off my diet spreadsheet. 

The air is cold but refreshing, I let some in through the window. I stand for a while staring up at the clear sky, collecting my dose of vitamin D, not sure how much of it is reaching me. But something’s better than nothing. I ponder off to start my cleansing all the way through to moisturizing. I skip the part on wearing makeup there are plenty more days for that. But at least I know it’s there.

Brushing back my short hair, I’m not too sure what I want to do with it. Leave it out or it up. Opting for the later after a few strokes with the brush. I let those strays do whatever they wish. It’s only me who’s looking at my hair.

Ready I go down to the kitchen to fill my bowl up with a measured amount of oats. I’ve become a pro at this, knowing how many spoonfuls and how much water I need to use to make the softest oats.

I take the half-full bowl to my bedroom and walk straight past my computer. I’m giving myself a much-deserved break today. So instead I walked in the direction of my bed, propped myself against the pillow and opened up a book. 

An hour with the book passes. Putting some motivational, self-love talks on YouTube, I start my workout routine. I’m keeping it very simple without all the machinery and weights. I’m sticking to legs, abs and stretches. Though I’m not using any equipment, this still has me walking funny. Luckily I’m in my room so I totter all over the place.

Feeling a lot more energetic. I give myself some time in front of the computer. Though today was meant to be a break. I kept my time on the computer brief. With a little web browsing, I had Photoshop up and running to work on a quick and simple line drawing. I admire minimalistic art and how elegant it looks. Just a simple line work can create a work of fine art.

Uploading the image onto Instagram, I got working on some hashtagging. I was chuffed to see my friend had shared my latest drawing in her stories. Yay me for having such supportive friends.

The rest of the evening swang by, I was back to reading my book. Took a nap before dinner and went straight back to relaxing, waiting for sleep to fall upon my eyes.

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