A tiny bit hopeful: day 27

It all started with a late-night text. My friend and I were sharing messages up until 2 am in the morning, on all the things we will be doing differently once this is all over. We also happened to mention our new planned hairstyles and looks. A fresh new beginning, with a new look and mindset. I made a few promises to myself and shared them with her. Now that it’s all in writing, I will not go back on my words. Otherwise, I know screenshots will be unloaded into our chat.

Thinking back to our midnight conversation. I will no longer be throwing shade over my snack spending habits. Instead, my bank card will be shielded, away from all the sugar-free chocolate and brownies. I will always remember the time I could only eat essential food and how I went days without chocolatey snacks. A new way of looking at life. Appreciating what I have and don’t need. I’ll carry this gratitude, wear it like a designer jacket everywhere I go. I won’t leave home without it. It will be my unputdownable essential. I’ll follow the path of motivation and dedication wherever they lead me.

This morning when my mum heard I was awake, raffling about in my room. From the door, she asked me to go out and get some fruit. I was more than happy to say yes to the order. As soon as my morning routine and breakfast was completed. I entered the living room asking her what she wanted. She repeated her list twice but added more things the second time. As I wore my face mask and gloves (yes gloves, I know it’s hot) and headed for the front door, she called a few more items. The grocery list kept growing until I was on the other side of the entrance.

Instead of catching the bus, I opted for a long walk. It was the perfect way to make the most of the weather and fresh air. I avoided walking too close to people and walked extra slow.  Reaching the fruit stall I went around all the tables picking the things I needed. It was exciting and rather nerve-racking being outside and around people whilst keeping my safe distance. This was my first outside interaction in over a week. Even if it was me being told the amount I had to pay.

Apart from fruits, another thing my mum had asked for was ice cream. You need a good balance in your life. Opposite the stall is Iceland’s, classic place for me to pick up the rest of her requests. Queuing up outside in the warm sun, it was really something to see people obliging to the strict rules, though some do need measuring tapes to know how wide two meters is.

With my trolley loaded I took the long walk back home. Enjoying the weather as I went, despite my arm(s) getting tired from trailing the heavy trolley. Once I reached home we unloaded the fruits and stored them away. Who would’ve thought a mundane task could be so thrilling.

Not wanting to spend all my time on the computer, I did a simple single line drawing and gave myself a break. The rest of the day was made up of exercising. I’m following the same leg routine but adding more reps to it. I usually listen to music while I workout. Today, however, I did things differently, instead of hitting ok on my playlist, I searched for motivational videos instead. The talks seemed to make me want to push myself a whole lot more.

Dinner was my signature spinach salad. With those healthy nutritions inside me, I’m going to have a slow evening with a good book.

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