A tiny bit hopeful: day 28

There was no late-night natter last night. My eyes couldn’t keep up with another session of 2 am chatter. Halfway through the conversation, I put the phone down and turned over. Messages kept coming, I could hear the vibration, but that was me done for the night.

With a good night’s sleep, I woke up fresh-eyed, though my body was a little stiff as I had my cat sleeping next to me. She doesn’t realise how much space she takes and what little room she leaves for me. It’s like those memes with a cat sleeping in the middle of the bed, while the person is on the edge or bent.

I stayed in bed for almost an hour, feeling the laziness take over me. I did what I normally would do. Scrawl through social media, catch up with all the memes I missed, from my eight hours of slumber. Rising up I moved the duvet to the side. It feels heavier when I don’t want to get up. But the day must go on.

I set about my morning routine, my slaying is a little relaxed today. I took my time massaging rosehip oil (by the Organic Pharmacy) into my skin, especially my cheeks. This oil never ceases to amaze me. I’ve lusted over it from the first time I used it and how soft it made my skin feel. Once I reached the final step of moisturizing I added a little more oil under my eyes and spritzed my face with an aloe vera facial mist (by Mario Badescu). Where am I going with all this on my face? just the kitchen and back. 

Grabbing a bowl I measure out the quantity of oats I always use. Don’t ask why. I make oats with water instead of milk and heat it in the microwave. I poured in extra water than usual, the moister the oats, the better it tastes. Taking my bowl of oats to my room, I was ready to start early on an Instagram drawing. Before I could even commence, I had to work out what to draw first. Pacing my room backwards and forwards, trying to come up with an idea, I almost gave up. I spent a little time doodling some thoughts together until something stood out for me. I got Photoshop up and running before I changed my mind on the design. 

Downloading a background image of Unsplash. I set it in position on Photoshop. With the pen tool, I started outlining shoes and used a few I found on the internet as a guide when it came to painting them. It took me a lot of the afternoon to paint all six shoes, three pink three beige, to match the colours of the background. Once each individual shoe was complete I stacked them on top of each other. I call this piece in her shoes.

Lunch was sweet potato fries and dinner was a homemade chicken wrap. With a productive afternoon out of the way, I’m going to let the evening run smoothly and relax. 

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