A tiny bit hopeful: day 35

Blazing through my open window, I feel the heat of spring’s warm sun as it greats me this morning, soaking my skin in it’s illumination. Vitamin D’s on my menu today. I kind of expected this month to live up to its name April showers, instead, I saw little rain and more dry skies. Can’t complain? Yes, I can a little, I relish at the thought of being at the park with this fine weather warning my back as I sit and enjoy an ice cream.

I’ve spent the past few days overthinking about things that shouldn’t be taking up any space in my mind. But that’s ok, I’m overlooking I know it’s because I have the time to ponder into dark places I would usually avoid visiting. I’m not letting those thoughts take over my full mood, instead, I’m facing them and letting go of each thought one by one. 

Que the glow up. This glow up, skincare routine, eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and much more. Gives me so much to look forward to, it takes my mind off things that I shouldn’t be worrying about. It’s a way to make me feel better, happier and healthier. It makes me concentrate on myself be it appearance-wise. However, glow up means a lot of things. It starts internally, mentally, emotionally and then physically. It’s a whole package in one. I’m typing this all down alone in my room, in my pyjamas with a bottle of water sitting beside. I’m beginning to feel like Bridget Jones without the wine.

Today I opened up my closet and almost pulled out my new skirts that I ordered online last month. I still haven’t taken them out of their clear packaging. I was ready to clear out all the clothes I’m no longer planning to wear and reorganise the whole wardrobe. The problem with this, the clearout will only end up sitting by the door of my room for the next three weeks. Closing the doors, I let this detox be. For now. I’m looking forward to dressing up in anything other than loungewear.

Being that little bit productive, whilst I haven’t kept up with posting a blog post every single day. I have been keeping up with posting a daily picture on brownies.and.boots Instagram. It’s turning out to be my favourite work. I’m happy to be learning new skills as I go (glow-up).

I’m using every last bit of food I have left before I brave it out and go shopping tomorrow, to stock up on a few weeks worth once again. So my meals are what you can call creative. They’re a little bit of everything thrown in and mixed together with a fork. Sounds a little like my days.

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