A tiny bit hopeful: day 36

Waking up on this fine morning, the first thing I did as always was to reach for my phone and check the time. It read 6.30 am. I squinted at the phone, am I reading this right, 6.30 am. How was that even possible, I felt so fresh, despite having gone to sleep around 1 am. I’m trying very hard not to normalise falling asleep at 2 am. But there are dark thoughts that lurk invisibly somewhere at the back of my mind. Merely to come out the second my head touches the pillow. Allowing me to only sleep when my eyes can no longer stay open.

Fortunately for me waking up early was on the cards today. I announced three weeks ago I’ll be doing my shopping around this time. Who would’ve thought I’d be planning my grocery shopping weeks ahead. Going through each step of my elongated skincare routine, I debated on whether I should wear some makeup for this outdoor occasion. I was 50, 50 on this, so I opted for some eyeliner inside my waterline. Returning my Mac pencil to my underused makeup bag. I picked up my face mask and was ready to hit the road.

Grabbing my mum’s trolley, I walked out of the house, leaving behind my sanctuary. Checking the timing for the bus duration online, the next bus’s estimated time was 9 minutes. I decided a walk to my local high street will do me some good. It did, 20 minutes of working my legs and taking in some fresh air. 

Reaching the high street, I saw ques outside pretty much every supermarket and grocery store. I was not ready to join them. Though it was nice to see people being cautious to keep their two meters distance. Stopping at two different fruit stalls I pretty much picked two of each fruit bowl (well the usual fruits that I like). Loading my trolley I could foresee this was going to be difficult getting home, I still had to pay a visit to Tesco. 

Not wanting to walk with a heavy trolley in tow, I waited the extra 12 mins for a bus to arrive and take me to Tesco. Reaching, I joined the end of a fairly short queue. It was nice to see the elderly didn’t have to wait at the end. Once it was my turn to enter, I picked up a basket and started loading it with again two of each of almost everything I needed for my salads. I had a mental checklist of all the things I required and still forgot a few items. But that’s ok. Reaching the till point and bagging each item. Not everything fitted into the overloaded trolley, two extra bags had to be made for extra carrying. Grabbing the bus home with my load. I still had a bit to walk from the bus stop to my house. And boy was that walk a nightmare. Panting halfway through, once I reached my front door I felt like I was going to collapse and pretty much did after heaving everything in. 

Going straight to my room, I kicked off my shoes and threw off every outer-garment. Landing on my bed I took a much-deserved nap that lasted a couple of hours. Thanks to the tiresome adventure I pretty much remained in bed for the duration of the day.

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