A tiny bit hopeful: day 40

I woke up to the sound of heavy rain trickling down the window, listening to it tap on the windowsill. I lay awake for a few minutes disconnected from my sleep and soothed by the melody.  Reaching for my phone I scrolled for a few miles on my Instagram feed reading positive affirmations as they appeared on the screen. Before putting the phone back down and falling asleep again. 

The grey exterior did make me wonder how many people will now be obeying the lockdown rules. I didn’t mention in my previous post, but I picked up two boxes of semolina from Tesco. That’s happiness on a plate for me. There’s to be a shortage of milk in my household, while my cravings finally enjoy the sweet, soft, powdered texture.

Today I wanted to share my latest mandala. From one-lined drawings to complicated spirals. I love that, I love both worlds of simplicity and intricacy. Refreshingly there is no in-between in my art. From single lines and clean edits, I return to the world of detail. With a circuit of patterns balancing on top of each other. I don’t dream up the narrative, each mandala is inspired by research and experimentation. The motifs of Islamic art have captivated me. I lost count of how many times I’ve searched tezhip art on Pinterest. Returning to the site almost every day for a spot of creativity, learning different names and forgetting them as they disappear with the closed browser. Mandala drawings feel like they’re sealed in time. As does my newest, with splashes of orange and strong hints of blue.

With that little bit of productivity, I turned the rest of my attention to relaxing with a novel for the rest of the evening. Breaking for dinner, which was a bowl of green lean salad to keep my nutritions up to scratch.

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