With love from my makeup bag

Today, I had a busy morning with my routine. All set up of course. A couple of weeks ago my “cousins rock” group on WhatsApp highlighted a new message. One of my cousins announced that we should all take part in the #dontrush challenge. As we’re all living so far from each other. On opposite ends of the world, it would be fun to do something together, at least virtually. I, of course, got nominated to take part in it too. When two of my cousins told me you’re getting involved, I was instantly outnumbered before I could even say no. Buying myself time, I tried to talk myself out of it, only to talk myself back into it. “Why not do it”, “stop being so camera shy”, “what have you got to lose?”, “It will be fun”, I tell myself as I scale up all the pros and cons. The pros, of course, overweigh the cons. The only con I could think of was how will I film this. But alas I was excited to add a little glamour to my routine. 

Opening up my makeup bag, that hadn’t been touched in over a month. I took out each content and lay them down in front of me. One by one. Excited to finally put some use to the contents of my cosmetics bag. I got to work in no time. Starting with the base I layered on a cc cream followed by a concealer, mimicking the way beauty sales assistant had applied months ago in Selfridges. Moving on to some blush for the cheeks, I aimed for a bronzier application. A technique learned thanks to the school of Youtube. And, finally, my favourite eye makeup which involved everything from brow to lashes and eye shadow.

Soon after having completed my makeup, I proceeded to take some pictures as you do. I got to work on the mini 5-second clips holding the phone with one hand while keeping it concealed from the mirror. How did I manage that? I have no idea. But I can tell you my arm sure hurt. After loads of takes and a tired arm, I finally managed to get less than a 10-second clip. Was it worth it? we’ll find out.

Apart from getting glammed up from the top upwards. I have not had the motivation to do much. Since the start of Ramadan, my spur has been at an all-time low. I kept telling myself I’ll post tomorrow, but that tomorrow has turned into a week. To fill in the gaps I decided to share with you all how I got outnumbered into filming a short clip for the don’t rush challenge.

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