With love from the kitchen

It’s almost 3 am, I’ve got milk boiling in a pan, prepared for a few spoons of semolina. To add a grainy texture and natural sweetness for my soon to be porridge. Ready to start the new day of fasting, but only after I’ve gone back to sleep and risen again. Dropping in purposely big scoops, I stir the fusion together, not leaving a bump in sight. I wait for the mixture to thicken, ready to be poured into the waiting bowl. Slowly eating the hot porridge before my time is up.

Waking up once again a little later than usual. My sleep for once was unbroken. I sensed the feeling of calmness and quietness. No longer hearing the songs, sung by birds. Outside my window, everything is still. Picking up my phone I looked at the time, to see how late in the day it was. No longer fussed by the late-rising, infact the later the better. Though I  did have a busy day planned ahead. I’ve re-lit my hobby of photography. Although I can’t take my camera out for walks, I can still find props around the house to capture creatively. The night before I put aside a few pieces of jewellery, as a reminder to myself to shoot the following day.

My mind is set on keeping busy. The thought of new ideas is a little therapeutic. It gives me something to look forward to every single morning. Picking up my camera, I rummage through my draws, pulling out jewellery that hasn’t seen daylight since they were brought. I look for the brightest location in the house, with little shade. I find that spot by the window in my mum’s room. I’ve even learnt what time is the brightest. To plan everything out before the sun rays slowly reach that window.

As I occupy myself elsewhere, my attention sometimes drifts towards food. Having made it past the 3 months mark of being sugar (I’ll leave this topic for a later post), I have a bar of Green and Blacks 70% dark chocolate waiting for me on my desk. I do look at it now and again wanting to have a piece, but know very well I can’t until after sunset. It’s this Islamic month that teaches me the life lesson of dedication and determination. My mind is trained. 

I go about editing my photos, getting them Instagram ready. Here I spend most of my time, clicking away with the mouse getting the right filter for the pictures. Once the pictures have been edited I set about uploading them onto Instagram in perfectly imperfect order. Before I know it, it’s time for me to start preparing my meal for iftar. And, excited to do so, each minute brings me closer to the time I can open my fast. Make sweet potatoes fries with egg and top the two with a handful of seeds. 

Like every other night, the most exciting part of my day is the meal I prepare to eat.

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