It’s been a while.

Oh, how I’ve missed posting more than once a week. I do feel kind of bad. With a few days left until May ends, I want to end this month with more than two posts. Unquestionably it has been a tough month. Life took a few drastic turns, it felt like my room was a part of the inception movie. Spinning around me, softly, of course. Placing me inside the entertainment I watch. 

Ramadan ended a couple of days ago, when the announcement of Eid made its way on to all of our consoles, messages from all over the world started pouring in, wishing us Eid Mubarak. Virtual hugs were given to everyone. Anchors on every Muslim channel spoke about the sighting of the full moon. I call Ramadan the month of discipline and flew by like a blur.

Motivation for me has become a thing of the past. I realise I need a change of scenery. I miss picking up my laptop and going to a coffee shop to start typing up a new blog piece or finishing an old one. In place of motivation, I’ve got a lot of time to reflect. This can be both bad and good. Yet ultimately I know all too well that it’s the latter that will have the higher score. 

Despite having all the time in my hands, I slowed down with blogging after one month into quarantine. It’s about time I revisited with a post on self-worth. Something I need to look into to remind myself from time to time. Preferably before my lockdown ends and I’m hustled back into what I used to call a normal life. 

I strongly believe in self-worth. Although I often need to re-read certain quotes ten times before the message is put across. We need to look at ourselves from another perspective. As crazy as this may sound, to step outside our body and see what others see and ask ourselves difficult questions or better yet have a one to one talk on self-worth.

When I forget (I’ll use the term forget over don’t) to tell myself I’m important every morning I remind myself. I pick up on the small things I do throughout the day and tell myself you have a big heart. I notice the posts I double click on Instagram. The motivational quotes I share with friends. The news of positivity I try to spread on Facebook. While being kind towards others I try not to forget about myself. I need to value myself as much as I value others. 

This blog post has somewhat turned into a one to one, but I’m hoping for anyone reading a positive one.

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