What will I wear?

For the past few days, I’ve been planning my first ever coffee shop outing with my friend since quarantine started. Now that the lockdown is coming to a slow yet cautious end, I’m looking forward to all the hundred and one plans I’ve made over the course of two months.

The first hot chocolate will hit differently. From the moment of stepping foot into an air-conditioned Costa Coffee to the second the smell of coffee beans welcomes me. From the moment I queue up with two-meter gaps to the second my eyes wander over all the baked goodies. From the moment I place my order to the second I watch it being made. From the moment the barista asks “would you like some cocoa” to the second I say yes. From the moment I pick up my mug to the second I take my first sip. Indeed the first hot chocolate will hit differently.

The only dilemma I am facing is, what will I wear? I had outfits made up in my mind. However, I know what we imagine never looks quite the same in reality. A few days ago when I excitedly turned my bedroom into a backstage changing room. Trying on two different outfits I failed to get the right look. It wasn’t how I had imagined it. Not giving up, I gave being a personal fashion stylist one more shot and got it right the third time. Here’s to hoping three is not my lucky number.

The one that got my vote was the most casual and colourful out of the lot. My approach to fashion has changed after spending two months and counting in joggers. The other two were darker and a little more sophisticated. Oh, how post-lockdown me continues to want comfort and that’s understandable. The one thing I did notice after opening up each draw and cupboard is how many clothes I have not touched, yet feel the urge to buy more while my closets capacity is full. 

The past couple of months have taught me the biggest life lessons that a year hasn’t shown me. Going forward to reach my goals and carry through my plans, I’m concentrating on timeless, neutral and basic pieces that can and will be worn over and over with every other hue and combination. In opposed to adding more tops that my summer and winter wardrobe don’t need. If I repeat every outfit more than 10 times, then you’ll know I appreciate fashion the way I see it and I’ll be at my happiest styling phrase.

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