June’s edit

With June comes a little hope. Lockdown is officially being loosened, sundress season is officially amongst us and magnum ice cream sessions have officially started. It’s also officially my favourite time of the year, as it means warmer weather and no more over-layering. I’ve finally stored away my winter clothes.

I guess I’m being a little too demanding with this dear month. But aren’t we all? Since the start of the lockdown, the one thing I said to my friend was I hope things are better by June. I hope we get to enjoy our summer since we didn’t get to have our spring. Too many hopeful wishes. However, there’s no pressure on you June.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, getting creative with baking. Having completed three months of the sugar-free journey, I decided to take a mini-break before I start again. This break meant I could reunite with brownies for a short time. My soul crumbles for the fudgy square. While Konditor and Cooks are closed, I took measures into my own hands and attempted to bake them myself. I turned to google to search specifically for konditor and cook brownie recipes. Within seconds my google page loaded up with several sites that shared the bakeries recipes and instructions. I clicked on the first link and screenshot what I needed. I know my endeavours are not going to be comparable to K&C. However, I still went out to get the ingredients. I’m a great believer in practice makes perfect.

With bars of greens and black chocolate in my hands, there was no turning back. I chose G&B as they use raw cane sugar in their original bars. I’m still trying to stay away from refined white sugar and all its sweet glory.  Getting the bars of chocolate home in one uneaten piece. I proceeded to lay out the ingredients in a single line on the counter and pulled out the electric mixer. Prepared to begin, I displayed the screenshot on my phone and worked my way through the recipe, measuring and counting each spoonful of cane sugar, flour and butter. My favourite part was stirring the melting chocolate in the pan. Pouring the glossy blend in with the rest of the mixture and watching the melted chocolate fold in. 

Once my baked goodie was in the oven, the only thing I could do was sit back, wait and hope for the best. With the timer set to 20 minutes, I was excited to see and taste what I had just put together.

Twenties minutes was a long time to wait. I paced back and forth, checking the progress every now and then. Once the sound of my alarm went off, my wait was finally over. I rushed over to the oven, pulled out the divinely dark brownie and gently touched the surface to see if it was actually ready. 

The verdict, I loved how the intensely chocolatey brownie turned out. It was crispy on the outside, fudgy on the inside, rich in taste and mine for days. I will be making this again.

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