The silver lining in everything

Dear summer is that you, I see peering through the morning gaps. Impatient, not waiting for me to put my trainers on. You disappear behind thick, grey clouds before my laces are fully tied.

I almost made it out of the front door,  in my baby pink hoodie, dressed for the bewildering weather. Before I could turn the handle, I veered away from the door. My mood paralleled the wavering temperature. Instead, I walked in the opposite direction and headed out the backdoor. Though I regretted eliding my stroll, I spent a majority of the afternoon in my open garden. Relaxing with my feet up, obtaining two seats. I watched my cat play nearby, pouncing on dried leaves. As I listened to a couple of podcasts on self-worth.

I concentrated on the cordial words calmly being spoken to me. Not wanting to miss a single line. Each podcast feels neoteric, whether the topic is repeated or not. These talks have increased my understanding of self-worth. At times it takes another’s perspective to look deeper within ourselves and haul out all our positive qualities, even if we believe them to be negative.

I nodded in agreement with each sentence. Uh-huh-ed at the core of every connotation. Awed at the accuracy. I kept telling myself “that’s you”, “you do that” and even let out an “OMG”, “ oh wow” a few times. I was pleased with my concentration and openness to learn. I inwardly noted the changes I needed to make. Before the videos had even finished I saved them to my replay list. 

I’m fathoming ways to sing my own praise. No longer covering my flaws instead, I’m rediscovering each one and accepting them as my strength. Culling the paths of putting myself first. 

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