First visit to familiar sites

The announcement of non-essential shops opening was declared a few weeks ago. In perfect timing for the bad weather. I could only imagine how many people jotted this date down in their diary, to later be notified for an early morning rise. Not wanting to part in the mile-long queues, I waited until Wednesday to venture out to Westfield Stratford.

I left my house just after 12. Half tempted to turn around and go back home. 20 minutes later the bus pulled into Stratford bus station, my final stop. I could still have headed back home, but the scene of un-crowdedness led me to walk in the direction of the stairs.

Reaching the top of the stairs, I transversed through the overpass. Pleased to see a once congested Westfield as half empty. The bridge had been divided into two for access and egress. With barriers and security directing visitors, I made my way around to the mall’s new main, entrance. With controlled entries and more exits, this helped cut down the number of people inside the building at one go. 

The purpose of my visit was to make a return at H&M and see if they’re still collecting unwanted clothing. I’ve got three full bags still waiting to be dropped off. I walked up to the third floor to the store’s new single entrance. With no queue outside I was granted instant access. Grateful for the quietness.

I made my way straight to the tills, aiming to not pick anything up along the way. I did, however, pass by large, bright red sale signs. They prompted me to have a quick glance. Seeing the tangle of different garments, dissuaded me from rummaging through the clothes myself. Reaching the return’s queue, I was pleased to see only one person in front of me.

Once I had made my return and the receipt was in my hands, I was on my way out. Glad the first shopping experience wasn’t as hectic as I had imagined it to be.

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