Listening to positive affirmations

Summers neatly tucked away behind heavy clouds. I checked the weather forecast to see if the rest of the day will remain dry. The chart only displayed clear, cloudy skies. Pleased with the result. I took this as an opportunity to go for a short walk by the canal.

Before leaving the house, I’d been listening to positive affirmations. Remembering what I could or making them up as I went. I inwardly repeated the assertions to myself during my stroll. 

Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.

I am superior to negative thoughts.

I peacefully detach from a negative past.

I acknowledge my own self-worth.

Though these times are difficult, they are only temporary.

Walking by water is not for the eyes alone, it’s also soothing for the mind.  Like always my blue-mood was moderately lifted. While the world around me remained silent, all I could hear were my thoughts and footsteps treading over fallen twigs and dried leaves. Feeling content, I noted the beautiful day, the weather report had somewhat described. As I do every time I visit, I surveyed the green path that stretched out in front of me, strewn with vibrant florets. Easily distracted by the tiny specks of colour, I admired each flower, adorning their delicate aroma.

Stopping for a while, to rest my legs. I took out my phone and scrolled for a few miles on Instagram. Reading quotes and double-tapping as I went along. I swiftly skimmed through many unopened stories, pausing at one. This one story that caught my full attention, was uploaded by someone I consider to be a mental health preceptor*. Whose posts I look forward to seeing every single day. Her story was of an exercise on how to respond to certain situations. Practising to choose positive reactions over negative ones. Whilst sitting in this pleasant path viewing shrubs and trees. I believed it was the perfect time to form positive habits. Going over the story, I began a mental exercise, by creating scenarios in my mind and practising to adopt positive reactions

My future is an ideal projection of what I envision now.

Having sat for long enough, training my mind, I let my thoughts momentarily be still. Once again focusing on my surroundings. Taking in the space that was laid out in front of me. I listened to the choir of birds that comforted nature. Watched the sun-rays reflect on the cluster of leaves. Feeling content amidst placid greenery. I was ready to head back home with my positive thoughts.


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