Sundays are for 

Sundays are great for many things beginning with relaxing, unwinding and sitting back. Today, however, Sunday is for hot chocolate, even in this fine weather, well for me anyway. Now that the lockdown is somewhat over. I’m cautiously moving forward, revisiting all my favourite spots, with 6ft distance of course. I’m adhering to this rule.

I didn’t fancy roaming too far away from home, though I was craving hot chocolate. Having waited months for my personal favourite coffee shop to re-open, I could finally spoil myself again. I re-entered my local Costa Coffee and belatedly ordered one of life’s greatest delights, my first hot-drink-to-go. Sequentially Costa’s been voted the nation’s favourite coffee shop for years. And, all for good reason, it’s exclusively in the grind and their large bowl-like mugs.

I’ve missed the frothed hot chocolate. That comes with heaps of cream on top and a speckle of cocoa powder for finishing touches. The first drink as I knew it would hit differently, it didn’t take long to finish, it never does. I could’ve gone back for another cup. Except I was on a moving bus and the distance between that Costa and I widened by the second. Though I knew within minutes I was going to pass by another local Costa Coffee.

Arriving home with an empty paper cup. I got around to doing more of what warm summer Sundays are known for, putting my feet up in the garden, listening to affirmations, with a book by my side. After ten minutes of peaceful lounging and positive words. I picked up my crimes and thriller novels. The complete opposite to what I was listening to but it’s a good book and it’s by Stephan King. So it will do. I’m currently halfway through reading one of his latest novels The Outsider. I hope to pick up a gold-classic after this one Dracula by Bram Stoker.

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