Gratitude journal

Yesterday I didn’t return home empty-handed from Westfield Stratford. I brought back a paper bag containing two new notebooks (one of which I got for free). They’re not destined for the shelf. I have distinct plans for these ones, as I soon will with the rest of my unused collection. 

I picked up my biro pen before turning the front cover. Ready to adroitly coat the blank page with blue ink. I spent some time yesterday and this morning writing down affirmations and gratitudes. Taking my mind off all the self-imposed complaints, I’ve accumulated over time. Amidst all the strains I still have so much to be thankful for. Unfortunately, I’m so caught up with chasing new things, I lose sight of all the blessings around me. That’s where these notebooks i.e gratitude journals come in. 

Shortly after getting started, I was already turning the page. Having filled the first sheet with meaningful curls and swirls from the English language. I smiled to myself reading back over my notes. I could continue writing but needed to leave something for tomorrow. Jotting down all my achievements took a lot of concentration. I was swiftly reminded of positive memories that I wistfully omit. 

With every sentence came positive reflections. Two days into practising gratitude and I’m already feeling a shift in my mood. Although I know there will be a few off days here and there, I’m prepared for them. Constantly congratulating myself for each accomplishment is the best mental pat on the back I can receive and a great way of shutting down any negative feelings.

With self-gratitude and affirmations, I feel more confident in reaching bigger goals.

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