Ordering the happiness planner

Finally, I did it, my unmotivated self ordered the happiness planner. The planner’s been sitting in my shopping basket for almost a week. It wasn’t until yesterday when my friend asked if I had ordered the journal. She questioned why I hadn’t and I simply told her I was being too indecisive and unsure if I’d actually put it to good use. After some probing by her and myself, I hit checkout. Luckily the planner hadn’t sold out.

I went through every single product listed in their shop. Though I wanted to get one of each journal, which would have been a lot of planning and manifesting. I opted for a Law of Attraction box set which is currently on offer. Who doesn’t like a good bargain? This box set contains a journal with 30 questions, printables, a set of quote cards and a wooden stand, a notebook, a pen and motivational stickers. Plenty of goodies for an excited beginner.

While I’ve been filling out my notebook with affirmations and gratitude. I still wanted something that comes with prompts and questions to give me that extra boost into goal-seeking when I hit a roadblock. Plus this planner is photogenic and has been stylishly featured in flat lays all over social media. Though it looks like it’s too pretty to use, I’m going to match the exterior by prettifying my handwriting. Now there’s something worth learning there, calligraphy.

Journaling is new to me. A 10 to 30-minute exercise once or twice a day, is a positive change I am introducing into my daily routine. I’ve been looking into manifestations for a few weeks now and have spoken a lot on the topic with my friend. We came to the conclusion to see the results I want, I need to step out of my repetitive cycle, grab opportunities when I can and be more daring. 

I will write a detailed post once my package arrives, to share a little visual insight into the happiness planner.

*The Happiness Planner

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