Threading together positivity through outfits

It’s a great wonder how 7 skirts made their way into my shopping basket, got through checkout and are now one by one turning up onto my doorstep. 

At the start of lockdown, I hauled out all the clothes I no longer wear. Over weeks or should I say months, the bags amplified. One bag became three. I’m now the proud owner of a simpler, minimalist wardrobe. As they say, less is more. Though seven might I add plain skirts are on their way to me. I’ve ordered long and midi length skirts to pair with almost everything, for a fresh new look and change. Plus the skirts were on sale for a very, very good price. 

Blocking all factors that may have a negative impact on me. I’m starting my mornings feeling good and it all begins with getting ready. Minimising or better yet eliminating chaotic routines is one less thing for me to worry about. I know the stresses of searching for something and finding nothing. There were times when I’d stare at my overflowing closet complaining I have nothing to wear. I couldn’t construct a single outfit out of all the garments staring back at me. I would wear the same combo, deal with a pile-up and my lack of creativity. Cue the change. 

Curating a signature look is about knowing my style and more importantly what I feel confident in. It’s about identifying colours, fits and silhouettes and that make me feel my best. I used my research portal Pinterest to visualise my signature look. A few boards and 30 odd pins later we had some faves. Over years of wearing almost every style and hue, I’ve learnt what shape and colour suit me best apart from black. Everything in my wardrobe is a duplicate of each other, I’m adhering by what I’m drawn to.

Rebuilding my wardrobe has made my mornings exciting. I can experimentally pick out any two pieces and get the look right the first time. This newfound time and positive mood gives me some clarity and more to be grateful for. Allowing me to focus my energy in the right places. I’m discovering self-love every single day, be it through fashion, the thought excites me every morning.

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