Free from care

I’ve been told to write things down and let them go when somethings bothering me. So here I am thinking out loud. I recently had a conversation with someone which ended when he pretty much said “but that’s how people think” and then “you should care” in reply to my “I don’t care about what people think”.  A casual discussion took an unpleasant turn, somehow becoming about societies opinion on (a girls) age. Age is nothing but a number right? Though I know it isn’t for everyone, it is for me. And, that’s all that matters. 

Should I really care about what people think? Should I care about what label I fall under? The answer is NO. Ten odd years ago a 20 something me would’ve worried about what others think, sobbing to my pillowcase, “but society thinks I’m too old”. However, a 30 something me couldn’t care less. 

What bothers me the most is how some people get overly upset and defensive when you don’t agree with their opinion and stick to your own. I’m not looking to be right, I’m just looking for inner peace. Persistently repeating to me the phrase “what others think” will only increase my impression of you being haughty.

As years go by my lack of care has abated. How am I supposed to grasp what others want me to feel? Am I instantaneously meant to become a new duplicated being? The answer again is NO. What I feel at present or what I’m in search of, is to earnestly improve myself positively. I’m on the road to calmness, although I hope I am. My path isn’t a clear one. I’m faced with different obstacles that vary in sizes every week. No matter how hefty or meagre each hurdle is, my goal, my destination still remains in sight.

Despite the dreadful dumps or cloud nines, I remind myself each day to be thankful.

Takes a deep breath

Apologies I don’t listen to negativity.

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