Summer in the city

It’s not often 34C graces Britain for more than 3 days uninterrupted. As it is I’m taking a long moment to appreciate this fine weather. Though I know it’s far too hot for my British life.

Sitting at the highest peak of Greenwich park, as close as possible to the trees. I’m taking full advantage of the passing heatwave. Enjoying the feeling of summer’s fresh breeze blowing through my hair. My bare arms are wrapped in heat, turning a beautiful shade of golden brown. Telling a different story as a whole. My ankles are striped with a gradient tan. The beginning and ending of my shoes and leggings.

My tale to tell for Summer 2020 in the city, is a simple one. It’s all about park life, with a bottle of ice-cold water, that hits differently. Though I would like to be jetting of to America, I’m still appreciating being home in London with all its heat and glory. I’ve been park-hopping every week in search of rose gardens, tranquillity, ponds and mini getaways (for a few hours). No passports needed. After a few minutes of chill, I partly forget where I am until I look up and see the city skyline in the near distance. Being so close, yet feeling so far. Dressing up for the occasion makes the outings all the more enjoyable. Wearing my brand new skirts, I’m savouring putting together outfits from my revamped wardrobe.  Flowing skirts pairs up perfectly well with the heat.

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