Dressing for the weather

On far too many occasions the fate of my outfits has been decided by the unpredictability of the weather. Even with a hand-full of options, the choices turn to nothing but indecisiveness in conflict with the forecast. I’d win the battle every day if I knew how to square up against the hot and cold temperature. Unfortunately, the transition from spring through to autumn is one of bewilderment, with no day or hour being quite the same I lose the combat majority of the time.

I’ll do my best at trying to get things right; check the weather report in the morning and look out the window before making any final decision. You would think they are all wise moves, wrong, oh so wrong. The judicious thing to do is not judge a book by its cover. Living in Britain through all four seasons, primarily dismal with bouts of sunshine. I’ve come to learn grey skies doesn’t always mean freezing cold conditions and a bright sunny day won’t bring you warmth. It’s more fitting for me to either open the window or garden door and step out for a few seconds. Which my lazy self fails at doing. It’s only until I’ve left the house that I start wishing I had either layered up or aesthetically shredded. 

Today my outfit was filled with a bit of dilemma; should I have worn a skirt instead of trousers or picked up a jumper just in case? After a week of blistering heat, I went with the lazy option and wore a short-sleeved top. I did regret my decision once I’d left the house. But optimistically assumed and hoped the weather would change by the afternoon. However, all belief of seeing sunshine after work had left me. That jacket I put back no longer seemed so extra. 

From here on I’m going with a safe option of rolling down my sleeves and bringing my light jumpers from H&M out again.

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