Back to school stationery

“I need to buy new stationery for school” was my niece’s request for the week’s shopping list. I silently joined in whispering “me too” more to myself.

August always feels like the month to restock on all the new shiny pencils ready to be sharpened for a new term. Notebooks of all textures for each subject and post-it notes just to be extra, because you can never be too organised. Though, I’m past all the back to school business, having graduated over a decade ago. I can still join in with all the stationery shopping excitement. Plus my desk which is home to my productivity, creativity and stationery needs a little refresh. 

My current stationery of choice is gratitude journals and coloured BIC pens, essentially in pink. While I searched for journals (you can never have too many). I walked past each table and shelf inspecting everything on display. There’s something about owning or wanting stationery that you know in the back of your mind you will never use or have any use for. Is cute stationery really for using, or a hobby for collecting? I had two plastic drawers stashed with unused craft pieces. I brought them with the intent of scrapbooking but never came round to creating a single book. My trove eventually, after much thought decreased. They made perfect add on gifts for my niece’s hampers.

As a part of my back to school window shopping, the shops I visited were Typo, Paperchase and WH Smith. I’ve linked the ranges I liked from each brand. Though my shopping list was non-existent, I was tempted to prepare on the spot must-haves. I talked myself out of buying the whole store.

If there are any blogger events for stationery devotees my diaries free.

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