Practice makes perfect

Adding the miles to my Facebook feed. I came to a halt at a quote, written by a friend on her coaching page. It read “You need to stop yourself from stopping yourself! Don’t be your own worst enemy.” It vaguely sounded familiar. I read it over and over. Until I owned up to doing this. I’ve said this before on many occasions I hold myself back. I’ll abandon the pursuit before I’ve even started trying. Widening the gap between aspiration and reality. 

Thankfully this hasn’t always been the case. Putting a line through my expectations, I set aside all fears of failure. There are times when I’ll bravely practise a new skill until I get it right, though the accuracy is subject to change. Allowing effort to speak for itself. Rehearsing the same method, may not sound appealing, as it can be time-consuming. However, with a few tweaks added each time it does have some positive outcomes; becoming more confident, encouraging me to try something new and developing new positive habits.

With all the time in the world living in limbo. I practised drawing the same piece twice, with a months break in between. Each time working equally as hard. Laying the two out together side by side. I can see a clear difference in style. The contrast of units can be measured by the number of floral patterns per piece. It goes without saying practice makes perfect.

A tiny bit hopeful, day 10, blameitonart (2)
practise make perfect, blameitonart

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