What I’ve learnt

Through the epoch of belief and the epoch of wonder. Through the springs of hope and the winters of despair. Through the ages of wisdom and the ages of reason. Through the days of light and the nights of darkness. I visit certain dates empty-handed with nothing before me but my full attention. Yet I am received with a bounty of knowledge. I close my eyes paying heed to the traditional lines that have been repeated to me countless of times. The cadence remaining undisturbed. I listen in silence, moved by the message that’s being told. My eyes well up with tears flowing ever so delicately, unlike the waves of Euphrates (river). The words are so powerful, I no longer feel like I’m at home sitting comfortably on a cushioned surface. Instead, my mind is carried to the panes of a hot desert, feeling nothing but thirst.

We simultaneously echo the names of those who inspire us to reflect on humility, patience, determination, kindness, courageousness, righteousness, compassion, affection, charity, solidarity, faithfulness and forgiveness. Twelve soulful notions. As always I take these teachings away with me as a token of my respect. Convert the lessons into morals. Who’s watching me collect these relics, are none other than I. 

Once I open my eyes, my heart remains behind in the days of yore.

I promise I’ll return again next year.

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