Committed to writing

In the late and exceptionally chilly hours of winter, I tapped my way through every blue button on WordPress. Beginning a new journey in the name of Blame it on Art. From the outset, it’s been my goal to improve all aspects of my creativity, through art and writing. As I delve deeper into the world of blogging, I do believe I have come a long way. 

While I enjoy scripting about my life. I know there is plenty of room for improvement in the way I convey my story. Behind the minimal (blog) look, is a chaos of open tabs, displaying tutorials, sites dedicated to helping writers and Facebook. 

To push me in the right direction, I’ve searched through every nook and cranny of the internet for help in creative writing. There are a number of online courses ready to give you the time for free, as long as you put in the effort through homework. Part of me doesn’t want to be tied down to virtual classes. Instead, I’ve taken to reading classical books. I found a free website that’s filled with novels by Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Bram Stoker and many more. What better way to practise than to read books written by outstanding authors.

There are times when I endure creative blocks, unable to compose a paragraph let alone a single line. During this blackout, I’d take a few steps back and read the works of others. I’d wonder how long it took some writers to write short poems or long novels. I’d wonder if they had a favourite spot they’d retreat to. I’d wonder if they were able to write with background noise. I’d wonder where they’d get their research from. I’d wonder about the books they’d read. I’d wonder if they searched the dictionary the way I look through the thesaurus site. I’d wonder how they’d come up with creative phrases.

Apart from reading, researching and getting my friends to proofread my work at random hours of the day, It’s also important for me to build my confidence. All these current posts are a work in progress towards more polished compositions. I’m committed to getting better. I applaud myself for every WIP. Each one is inscribed with errors. Yet I still encourage myself to publish the post, free from the shackles that may blister my courage to write.

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