Keeping up with bloggers

It’s almost pumpkin spice season. My favourite time for drinks at Costa, ahem white hot chocolate, drinkable milkybars, need I say more. 

I’ve been blogging for over two years now. Little late to the show, that’s moving away from stills and towards motions. Nonetheless, as they say, better late than never. While I am new and liking my new whatever you want to call it, hobby, happy place, digital journal. As a non-blogger, my introduction to blogging was through beauty, fashion and interior design. Charmed by the script and pictures, I jumped on to the bandwagon to share my art. A Little too shy to follow the fashion world. The first blog I ever discovered was Decor8, which is still going strong, even more so now.

Today there are many trailblazers that I follow, who took on the world of blogging a decade ago (shock). Every other day or week I keep up with my favourite bloggers, all five of them. Their lengthy wordy posts and style of writing is what brings me back. Another thing that gets me strolling to the bottom of the page is their display pictures, which I know I lack in my posts and that’s coming from an amateur photographer. 

Wanting to share a little love to the blogging world, here is my mini list:

Graphique fantastique

A glass of ice

Modest Miira

Liberty London Girl

Sophie Milner

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